Core Values

Deadline Oriented

We focus on our clients’ deadlines to ensure they are successful through responsiveness, understanding, reliability and completeness.

Solution Focused

We are problem solvers who focus on problems, solution options and recommend the best solution for clients.

Strong Relationships

Through our leadership approach we create and develop relationships with all the key stakeholders ensuring we maintain and enhance our relationships as our reputation is central to our business success.

Trustworthy and Ethical

We are client centric with a strong moral compass that keeps us pointed in the best direction through following a set of principles that govern our work and industry.

Proven Track Record

We have the expertise and experience needed to be successful in our field and are known to be detailed in all our work providing a high degree of accuracy and precision. We deliver work you can count on.

Mission Statement

Enabling success through providing trusted cost consulting services for Canada’s construction industry.


Postma Quantity Surveying (PQS) was founded in 1996 by Wes Postma after seeing a need in the industry for quantity surveying and loan monitoring services in the Manitoba marketplace. From its humble beginnings as a single person office in the basement of 154 Dumoulin, the business continued to grow year over year, slowly adding employees, clients and revenues year over year. By 2013 it was apparent that to manage the growing workload and clients, additional staff were required, and Wes hired his first employee.  The growth continued and in 2019 the premises at 154 Dumoulin could not longer support the business operations and the operations were moved to the current location at 93 Lombard.  

In 2020, the business transitioned into Postma Consulting Ltd. to better represent the company not only as a provider of quantity surveying services, but as a full-service consulting firm with expertise in financing, real estate, loan monitoring, estimating, life cycled costing and project management.  After nearly 43 years in the business and years of dedication in growing the business Wes has changed roles, moving out of the position of President, and acting as a Senior Advisor to the firm.  Ben Postma assumed the role of President in 2022 and is looking forward to many more years of successful growth and transition.




   • Banks & Lending Organizations
   • Project Owners
   • Property Developers
   • Architectural Firms
   • Insurance Corporations
   • Asset Management Companies
   • Federal & Provincial Government Authorities

Why our clients choose us: 

  • Expedient service
  • Long history of construction experience
  • Accurate, informative, and detailed reporting
  • Our values
  • Ability to suit special requirements or needs
  • Cost effective services


With deep roots in Winnipeg’s construction industry, we are proud to be located at 93 Lombard (Crane-Ordway Building) in the city’s Historic Warehouse District which houses the most extensive collection of turn-of-the-century architecture on the continent.  For more information visit the Manitoba Historical Society Website